Map Studio Pro Full Version allows you to customize your maps easily to suit your exact needs. Add your own custom text or edit the map labels already there using your choice of fonts. Draw custom borders, drop in mountains, fill an area with a color selection of your choice from the color picker or remove it altogether. With the simple click of a button, you can toggle rivers, river names, islands, land and water features on and off at your discretion and so much more. Add a scale and a compass rose and you have a highly useful and extremely flexible educational tool at your fingertips.

Create, download and print unlimited maps with Map Studio Pro!

Now, you have the ability to easily create and print any map imaginable. Or better yet, teach your kids to create their own maps, exponentially expanding their geographical knowledge, giving them an edge in so many subjects across the curriculum – history, literature, government, science, worldview, and more.

Truly, when you give your kids Map Studio Pro, you give them the world!

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